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COX Research provides is your partner for Online Market Research in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar and other GCC countries. Market Research Solutions & services is the process of systematic collection, recording and analyzing of data pertaining to the market, customers and competitors. Market Research & Fieldwork provided by COX offers the best possible launchpad to develop a business plan, introduce in the market a new product or service, improve existing products and services and diversify reach into other markets.

Being your best partner for Market Research & Fieldwork in Qatar, COX enables companies make good business decisions through it's Market Research Services reports concerning the development and marketing of new products. COX bring forth the the true opinion of consumers in a company. Known as excellent Online Market Research Company in UAE, COX Research specialize in difficult-to-get information. The enterprise reaches beyond the evident, offering you with forecasts & insights collected by highly experienced marketing professionals and providing Market Research Solutions in UAE, Oman,Kuwait, Bahrain with supreme professionalism

COX Research renders a broad range of Online Market Research and Market Research Fieldwork Solutions in the GCC. The consulting services reflect our experience and strong capabilities.

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Consulting Services.

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  • 1. COX Healthcare Research Consultancy
    Cox-Research's core expertise lies in undertaking and hosting qualitative and quantitative research projects for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries mostly involving Physicians and Patients. We offer proficient online research services including data collection for online samples in the field of healthcare research. Our physicians along with nurses, executives and support personnel, office and hospital administrators, in private practice and hospital setting play a part in our market research & fieldwork. Professionals like Dentists, Pharmacists, Veterinarians, Optometrists, Payers/Managed care administrators / executives, patient’s caregivers, etc. are all involved in our market research & fieldwork program.
  • 2. COX Online Market Research Services
    A leading Market Research & Fieldwork partner in UAE, COX Research constitutes unique research panels where consumers get the leverage of sharing opinions by taking part in surveys, and simultaneously, companies can benefit from the feedback of the consumers. Online market research that includes surveys is an excellent way to build a close partnership with your customers and offer them something of value. Companies can exploit the finding of surveys to identify customers and their choices.Consumers love the idea of participating in survey as it provides them the chance to raise their voice and be heard. Also because of the importance given to them by professionals engaged in Market Research & Fieldwork. Surveys are a remarkable way to know the mood of the customers. At COX online research you can conduct surveys to know about anything from the consumers that are significant from business point of view. You are given freedom to create surveys to comprehend what your customers like or don’t like regarding your products or services, determine their level of satisfaction; and know about their purchasing habits. You can also fathom opinions of consumers on politics, press community issues, news items, and social, economic, health and environmental issues. With the best Market Research Solutions in UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and other regions of the globe are at your disposal, you only have to outline your objective. The professionals at COX Research will get all the surveys and reports for you in no time.
  • 3. Our Healthcare Specialty Reach
    Allergy Diabetes HIV/AIDS Otorhinolaryngology
    Anesthesia/Analgesics Epilepsy Influenza Pain Management
    Anti-infectives Emergency Medicine Migraine Parkinson’s Disease
    AATD Endocrinology Neurology Restless Leg Syndrome
    Asthma Genetics Nephrology Rheumatology
    Bipolar Disorder2 Gerontology OB/GYN Surgery
    COPD GI/GERD Oncology Thrombolytic
    Cardiovascular Hematology Ophthalmology Transplant Medicine
    Dermatology Hepatitis Orthopedics Urology
    Depression Herpes (oral & genital) Osteoarthritis Women’s Health

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